6 Tips for Cheap Airfare

Traveling by plane is expensive, but there’s plenty you can do to cut on airfare prices.
Follow these six tips to get cheaper flights.


Airfare is often the most significant expense when it comes to vacations, and it also tends to be the one thing you can’t skip.

Airlines are well aware of this and are often looking for ways to maximize their profits, which can lead to even more expensive airplane tickets.

Because we believe money should be spent in experiences, we’ve compiled a short list of tricks you can use to keep your airfare as cheap as possible.


Flexibility Pays
Sure, it’s more comfortable to travel in the late morning or early afternoon during a weekend, but most people feel the same way.

High-demand can drive prices up, so try looking for flights that leave at inconvenient hours or days; Those are almost always noticeably cheaper.


Avoid High Seasons!
The previous advice applies to entire seasons as well, except this time it pays off even better.

Are you going to the beach for the summer? You’ll pay more.

Are you going to the mountain in the winter? Same deal.

Try switching things up and visit popular destinations during the low-seasons; This won’t only save you money on airfare, it will make your entire stay a lot more affordable.


Choose Your Airport
It’s always more convenient to depart from your local airport and arrive at the closest one to your destination. However, looking for alternative destinations can save you some serious bucks.

Don’t be afraid to look for nearby cities where you can rent a car in or even choose completely alternative destinations.

Going with the flow is more comfortable, sure, but it’s also a lot more expensive.


Flying Direct Can Be More Costly
This isn’t always the case, so this one is not a “one solution fits all,” but sometimes it’s a lot more affordable to choose flights with layovers than to choose a direct flight.

Splitting your trip between two or more airlines can also help you save money, even though it might seem counterproductive.

Say you’re traveling from Washington to Cancún.

Is it cheaper to take a direct flight or is it more affordable to take an international flight to Guadalajara and then a cheap national flight to Cancún?

Compare prices and see the difference for yourself!


Look for Budget Airlines
Let’s be upfront: Budget airlines aren’t the most comfortable out there.

They’re small, they’re cramped, and they have some draconian laws when it comes to luggage and carry-ons.

They’re also budget friendly, and a round trip on a budget airline can be much cheaper than a flight with the Big Names.

While we’re all for comfort when it comes to long trips, if your flight is only a couple of hours long, you should seriously consider the budget option.

All that money you’re spending on a movie’s worth of comfortable air travel can be better spent in a delicious meal or a fun, touristic attraction in your destiny of choice.


Take Advantage of Discounts!
Student, elderly, veteran, etc. Ask your airline what sort of discounts they offer and use them.