How To Never Miss Your Flight

Missing a flight is never fun, and it’s certainly not cheap; Start your trip with the right foot and avoid missing your flight by following these easy tips.  


If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you’ve missed your flight at least once.  Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.  

Maybe you overslept and couldn’t get to the airport in time; perhaps there was unexpected traffic; maybe you took too long eating, or you simply couldn’t find your gate in time. 

Whatever the reason, more often than not, there’s something we could’ve done to avoid that, so we’ve compiled this small list of tips to ensure you never miss a flight again! 


Check-in online 

While this isn’t a possibility for every flight out there, checking-in online is a sure way of shaving off some serious time in the airport.  

This is twice as effective if you pack light and only have a carry-on, as you won’t have any heavy luggage to drop-off.  

Even when checking-in online, make sure to follow the old “one hour for national flights, two hours for international flights” rule.  

The goal is never to miss your flight, not to find a reason to arrive at the airport later.  


Keep an eye on the schedule.  

Flight information screens are good and all, but they shouldn’t be your only resource.  

Most airlines have an app that will help you stay on top of your flight schedule, but you can also sign up for texts if you’d like to have a backup.


Know where to park 

Knowing which parking lot is closest to your gate can save you a lot of time navigating the airport, and this applies whether you have a car or you’re just being dropped off.  

If you’re driving your own car, choosing an airport parking lot with shuttle service, like San Diego’s Park Shuttle & Fly can save you time and a headache, making it more likely that you’ll reach your flight in time.  


Know the layout.  

Whether it’s your regular airport or a brand new one, knowing the layout can help you prevent confusions.  

You don’t need to know the layout of the whole place; Just make sure you know where your gate is and how long it will take you to get there. 

When waiting for your flight, try to stick to the general area and locate nearby restrooms and restaurants; and if your favorite one isn’t nearby, at least identify the fastest way of getting to your gate. (Though we wouldn’t risk it.) 


Prepare for the security line.  

You can always identify frequent travelers at the security line because they’re the ones that get in and out the fastest.  

They know what they can get through security and what won’t be allowed, they know what clothes to remove and what to leave on, and they know precisely how many trays they need for their belongings.  

Learn from those security line geniuses and do a bit of research beforehand to know exactly what to do when the time comes.  

It may sound ridiculous, but the lines at the security areas can get incredibly long, and you’ll soon learn to appreciate efficient travelers.