6 Tips for Cheap Airfare

Traveling by plane is expensive, but there’s plenty you can do to cut on airfare prices.
Follow these six tips to get cheaper flights.


Airfare is often the most significant expense when it comes to vacations, and it also tends to be the one thing you can’t skip.

Airlines are well aware of this and are often looking for ways to maximize their profits, which can lead to even more expensive airplane tickets.

Because we believe money should be spent in experiences, we’ve compiled a short list of tricks you can use to keep your airfare as cheap as possible.


Flexibility Pays
Sure, it’s more comfortable to travel in the late morning or early afternoon during a weekend, but most people feel the same way.

High-demand can drive prices up, so try looking for flights that leave at inconvenient hours or days; Those are almost always noticeably cheaper.


Avoid High Seasons!
The previous advice applies to entire seasons as well, except this time it pays off even better.

Are you going to the beach for the summer? You’ll pay more.

Are you going to the mountain in the winter? Same deal.

Try switching things up and visit popular destinations during the low-seasons; This won’t only save you money on airfare, it will make your entire stay a lot more affordable.


Choose Your Airport
It’s always more convenient to depart from your local airport and arrive at the closest one to your destination. However, looking for alternative destinations can save you some serious bucks.

Don’t be afraid to look for nearby cities where you can rent a car in or even choose completely alternative destinations.

Going with the flow is more comfortable, sure, but it’s also a lot more expensive.


Flying Direct Can Be More Costly
This isn’t always the case, so this one is not a “one solution fits all,” but sometimes it’s a lot more affordable to choose flights with layovers than to choose a direct flight.

Splitting your trip between two or more airlines can also help you save money, even though it might seem counterproductive.

Say you’re traveling from Washington to Cancún.

Is it cheaper to take a direct flight or is it more affordable to take an international flight to Guadalajara and then a cheap national flight to Cancún?

Compare prices and see the difference for yourself!


Look for Budget Airlines
Let’s be upfront: Budget airlines aren’t the most comfortable out there.

They’re small, they’re cramped, and they have some draconian laws when it comes to luggage and carry-ons.

They’re also budget friendly, and a round trip on a budget airline can be much cheaper than a flight with the Big Names.

While we’re all for comfort when it comes to long trips, if your flight is only a couple of hours long, you should seriously consider the budget option.

All that money you’re spending on a movie’s worth of comfortable air travel can be better spent in a delicious meal or a fun, touristic attraction in your destiny of choice.


Take Advantage of Discounts!
Student, elderly, veteran, etc. Ask your airline what sort of discounts they offer and use them.



Staying Clean On-the-Go!

Staying clean can make a huge difference both in your daily life and on vacations. Follow these tips to stay clean on-the-go!

Long-haul plane travels are often the start of a wonderful adventure, but they can also be challenging, particularly if it’s your first time on one.
While paying attention to your itinerary and knowing how to pack are crucial aspects of traveling, people tend to forget a pretty important one: Personal hygiene.
Believe it or not, staying clean while traveling can not only help you stay fresh and comfortable, but it can help you avoid getting the kind of diseases that could ruin your experience.

Luckily, staying clean while traveling is very easy. You just have to follow these tips.


 Keep Your Hands Clean
While they may look bright and shiny, airports aren’t the tidiest places out there. Thousands, if not millions, of people, walk those halls every day, and no amount of cleaning will ever keep an airplane spotless.

Wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible, particularly after you’ve been in contact with surfaces like desks and tables.

While on the airplane, wash your hands after using the restroom and considering using a paper towel when opening the door.

You should also carry a travel-sized hand sanitizer, which can help you clean your hand and sanitize surfaces, like the airplane’s food tray.


Mouth Wash is Your Friend
Nothing beats brushing your teeth but doing so while on a long-haul flight can be challenging, if not downright impossible.

Carrying around a travel-sized bottle of mouth wash can help you with this problem; It won’t ever replace a thorough brushing, but it can help you stay fresh in a pinch.

You should also consider avoiding strong smelling foods before boarding the plane. It might not do much for your comforts, but other travelers will thank you.


Wet Wipes Can Help a Lot!
Wet wipes are some of the most versatile and useful things you can have in your carry on.

Not only can they be used alongside hand sanitizer to clean surfaces, but you can use them on their own to freshen up on the go.

You can use them to clean hand sanitizer residue from your hands or to wipe away that grimy feeling you get after too many hours traveling.

You can also use them to clean up any spilled liquids or any food stains you may get on your clothes.

Trust us, keep them around and you’re guaranteed to find a use for them.


Keep a Change of Socks with You
If your trip is particularly long, keeping an extra pair of socks on your carry-on can make a huge difference, as they’ll help your feet feel refreshed and may even help you take off your shoes during the flight with confidence, which is not only more comfortable but can also help prevent clots, which are an all too common side effect of intercontinental air travel.


Just make sure to change them while you’re in the restroom or before boarding the plane, not while sitting next to someone else!

Preparing Your Car for Long Term Storage

The big day is here.

You’ve bought your tickets, packed your bags, left your pets with a trusted friend, and triple checked that all your papers are in order.

Now all you need to do is drive to the airport, leave your car with us and get on the plane…Right?
Not quite.

Leaving your car parked for an extended time, even in a lot with 24-hour surveillance and lighted parking areas like ours, requires a few preparations to make sure everything goes well while you’re vacationing.
Don’t worry. You can do most of these the night before your flight or maybe even right before leaving.

Clean It
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised just how many people forget.
You can do this yourself, or you can take your car to the car wash, as long as you make sure your vehicle is clean both inside and out.
Pay particular attention to the inside and leave no corner unchecked, particularly if you frequently eat in your car.
No one likes coming from a long vacation only to discover something went bad inside their car.

Fill the Tank
Filling the tank achieves three things:

For starters, it will ensure you can get back home after your vacations with no interruption.
Second, it means that, in the event of unexpected vacation expenses, you’ll have plenty of gasoline in the tank once you return. No need to fill a tank while you’re juggling an expense you hadn’t planned for.
Third, topping off your tank can prevent moisture from gathering inside it, which can lead to rust.  This is usually only necessary if you’re traveling for more than a month, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

(If you’re leaving for even longer, adding a stabilizer is always a good idea.)

Find a Storage Location
When leaving your car for an extended amount of time, it’s always a good idea to park it somewhere you trust.
In San Diego’s Park, Shuttle & Fly we offer 24-hour lot access, surveillance and airport shuttle, making us both a safe and comfortable spot.
We even have shaded parking at no additional cost, so there’s no need to worry about the sun!

Make Sure the Battery is Fully Charged
Returning from a long trip only to find out your car has run out of battery is a sure way of burning through all your vacation-born good vibes.
Like keeping a full tank, fully charging your battery ensures you can get out of the airport and back home with as little fuss and as fast as possible!

Service Your Car
If you’re planning to leave for an extended time then this is your best bet; It may seem like an unnecessary additional expense before a long trip, but it’s the perfect way of ensuring your car is in top shape when you return.

The service shop is also an excellent place to get more tips on this subject, so don’t be afraid to ask!


5 Easy Tips to Sleep on a Plane

If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you’ve seen them — those mythical travelers who seem to fall asleep the moment their heads hit the back of their seat.
It almost seems like magic how they seem to be in command on when they sleep while the rest of us twist and turn for the duration of our flight.
We may not be able to explain why some people find it so easy to fall asleep, but we can give you some tips that will help you sleep on a plane.
Who knows? With enough practice, you might even become one of those airplane unicorns.

Go for the Window Seat
Window seats may be more cramped than aisle seats, but the wall and window can be leaned-on, and that’s a much more comfortable position than trying to sleep while sitting straight.
Window seats also tend to afford more privacy. Sure, there might be a stranger sitting next to you, but that’s only one stranger, as opposed to the two you’ll be getting if you sit in the middle seat, or the crowd you get when sitting on the aisle seat.

Keep Your Face Covered
Eye masks, oversized hoodies, a small blanket, etc. Any item that can keep light away from your eyes and create a barrier between you and the rest of the plane will go a long way when it comes to achieving sleep.
It might not be as dark as your room, but it will be a lot better than the brightly lit interior of the plane.
Extra points if the object you’re using is one of your favorites. The extra comfort our favorite items give us is always a big help.

Get as Much Feet Space as Possible
This can be remarkably hard considering planes seem to be shrinking, but unless you’re exceptionally tall, keeping your carry on on the overhead compartment can earn you at least a couple of inches.
Leaning your seat back slightly can also help you be more comfortable, and by doing both things, you’ll find it easier to get in a position you can sleep on.

Wear Headphones
Wearing headphones is a great way of adding an extra layer of privacy to your flight.
You may not be able to leave your seat, but soothing music or ambient noises can make a world of difference.
Believe it or not, strange noises can play a more significant part in sleeping problems than loud noises, so if you like listening to rock’n’roll to relax, then go right ahead.
What matters is that you give your brain something familiar to listen to, as opposed to unfamiliar plane noises.

Ask Not to Be Disturbed
There’s nothing more frustrating than finally achieving sleep only to be woken up by the flight attendant offering you peanuts, so if you plan to sleep –or at least attempt to– for a portion of the flight, then make sure to ask the attendant, and your row mates, to avoid waking you up.

The complete guide on how to use San Diego Park, Shuttle & Fly Services

Located only six minutes away from San Diego International Airport is an excellent long- and short-term car parking service, San Diego Park, Shuttle & Fly. Conveniently situated, the SD Park, Shuttle & Fly team are dedicated to make your traveling experience easier.  Eliminating expensive Airport parking fees and unsafe parking facilities.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to use the San Diego Park, Shuttle & Fly service for your next trip.

  1. Reserve

You can use the easy online reservation system or book a reservation via phone call. Information that has to be provided are:

  • Full name and Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone Number
  • Date and Time of when you’ll drop off your vehicle
  • Date and Time of when you’ll pick up your vehicle

All personal information is kept private and is only used to book your reservation. Your reservation can be changed and modified 24/7 online or by phone call.

  1. Join

SD Park, Shuttle & Fly offers special discounted fees if you sign up to their e-mail list. Join for news on exclusive deals and offers and receive as much as $3 off per 24 Hours – Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. Park

Directions to SD Park, Shuttle & Fly can easily be found on the website and will also be provided to you by staff. Make sure to arrive at the facility at least 1.5 hours before domestic flights and 2.5 hours before international flights. A quick check-in takes the hassle away of impatiently waiting and gives you suitable time to get to the airport as fast as possible.  The parking facilities are fully fenced, safe, secure, well-lit and have 24/7 security as well as a permanently available staff member.

  1. Transport to Airport

Shuttle busses operate on demand and transport passengers safely to and from the airport approximately every 10-12 minutes. The short 2.5 miles drive will ensure your speedy arrival at the airport to be on-time for your flight. Drivers are licensed and will assist you with loading and unloading your luggage.

  1. Return

Upon your return you can give SD Park, Shuttle & Fly a quick call to inform them of your arrival. Once you have picked up your luggage you can make your way to the designated Courtesy Vehicle area in your specific terminal. Waiting time can be between 10-15 minutes before pick-up.

  1. Pay & Go

Once you are back at the SD Park, Shuttle & Fly facility it is a quick check-out process. Your car will be found in the condition you left it in and your credit card will only be charged once you have picked up your vehicle and you are satisfied with its condition.

As easy as that! A quick 6-step procedure towards a hassle-free and costly effective alternative to costly and frustrating Airport parking.

San Diego Airport parking vs Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services

Making the decision between on-site Airport parking and long-term off-site Airport parking can be complicated. Especially when you are uninformed and don’t really know the pros and cons of each.

How does the two compare to each other and which one is best? Here follows a concrete list of comparisons between San Diego Airport Parking and the popular Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services.



Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services has competitive costs with lowest prices guaranteed at only $16.99 per 24-hour overnight stay. When you sign up to be part of their email list, you’ll receive news on exclusive deals as well as coupons which gives you $3 OFF of your booking.  As an extra Park, Shuttle & Fly has limited shaded parking spots available, at no additional costs.

When you park at the Airport’s Terminal 1 or 2, you’ll pay $6 for 30-60 minutes and $32 for 7-24 hours to park in the car park. The Harbor Drive Long-term parking lot charges $20 per day and the most expensive is the Airport’s Valet parking at $40 per day.

Let’s put it into perspective, if you want parking for your vehicle for a 7-day stay you’ll pay $224 at the Airport’s Terminal 1 or 2, $140 at the Airport’s Long-term and $280 for Valet compared to Park, Shuttle & Fly parkings $118.93 for a 7-day stay. If you apply your discount coupon at Park, Shuttle & Fly parking you’ll only pay $115.93.



Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services has a very easy online booking service. You only need to provide some basic personal information, as well as your arrival and departure dates and times, and your parking spot will be reserved.

Except for Valet parking, where you have to pay a $35 p/day reservation fee, there isn’t a way to reserve parking at the San Diego Airport. If you’re running late, you’ll be driving through parking lots in search of a free space to park, as parking spaces aren’t allocated and is on a first come, first serve basis.



What puts Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services at the front of the race is that it’s extremely convenient. The hassle-free online booking, check-in and check-out system makes you save time and money. An on-demand shuttle service is available 24/7 to take you to the airport safely and bring you back in a jiffy.

At Airport parking you’ll drive around searching for a parking space, have difficulties with paying parking tickets at ticket machines, or no one to help you with your luggage. When you return, you’ll have difficulty remembering where you’ve parked your car and finding an available staff member on duty.



24/7 on-site security guards together with security cameras, a 24/7 lighted parking lot and a secured enclosure makes Park, Shuttle & Fly parking a steel proof parking area. You can feel confident to leave your vehicle in their competent and experienced hands.

Parking your vehicle in an Airport parking bay may have the basic security needs like a boom, a closed parking space and a security guard. There’s no specific system in place that controls or checks the drivers and vehicles coming in and out.



Because Park, Shuttle & Fly parking services is a family owned business they’ll give you professional and friendly client service. Apart from the 24/7 guard on duty, there’s always a staff member available to assist you.

Masses and masses of travelers go through the Airport’s parking bays each day, service isn’t personal.


It’s safe to say that Park, Shuttle & Fly parking wins this comparison with flying colors!



Family Easter Activities

Top Easter Vacation Spots In America

As much fun as Spring is, there is just nothing like a relaxing vacation on some sandy beaches with nice warm weather. So if you’re looking for something completely different to do this Easter, why not get a last minute deal, hop on a plane, and enjoy Peter Rabbit in a bikini, or explore one of the older cities in the USA.



Have you ever wondered if the Easter Bunny goes on vacation? Well, he sure does, and he loves Hawaii. No matter which one of the islands you find yourself you can bet that there is something egg-citing going on. From Sunrise Masses to Easter egg hunts, and local beach barbeques.



If any place in the world is known for putting on amazing events for the holidays, it is definitely Disneyland. This year they are hosting a massive 16-day easter egg hunt. You receive a map and stickers to help you with your search. Once you have found everything you return to Elias & Co for your amazing prize.


New York City Easter Parade

Along Fifth Avenue from 49tj to 57th streets, onlookers can watch this massive parade. It is said that the best place to watch this is at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, however, you’re going to want to get there early.

The parade takes place on April 21st from 10 am until 4 pm.


Hotel Del Coronado 

If you are looking to stay closer to home and want to explore a piece of history in San Diego, why not go for a staycation at the Hotel Del Coronado. You’ll get the perfect scenery with the Pacific ocean in the back, and the hotels soaring red turrets to give depth.

They are offering a Champagne Easter brunch in the amazing Cron Room and the Sheerwater. Which is then followed by a traditional Easter egg hunt on the Windsor Lawn.

The hotel has also decided to add a petting zoo filled with baby chicks, bunnies, sheep and goats this year so that everyone can go in and get some adorable family photos.



 Mexico, just as Hawaii, is very passionate about celebrating Easter with more depth. In fact, in Mexico, they have a Holy Week, rather than just a long weekend, called Semana de Pascua. However, the celebrations don’t wait to start until those days. We find some major activities, such as Carnival, starting up to two weeks before the beginning of Lent.

During the week, you will find many celebrations, live music, extravagant shows, and of course, the all-time favorite Easter egg hunt.

Easter Traditions From Around The World

There are different traditions all around the world when it comes to easter. Some come across as very strange, while others make a little bit more sense. Let us take a look at some of the strangest Easter Traditions we could find from around the world.



Bermuda is a country known for its traditions and its strong beliefs in religion. According to the Bible, Jesus died from our sins on Good Friday and rose from his grave on Easter Sunday. In Bermuda, they symbolize this resurrection by flying kites high into the heavens. These kites take weeks to create, which is a big part of the tradition. It brings families together just as Jesus wanted.

After the flight is over, the kites are actually dismantled and never used again. Every year new kites are made.



Italy celebrates Easter a little different, and a little louder. They make what is called a Rube Goldberg Machines. Which some have said are “explosive terror”. The Goldberg machine in Florence is started with a holy fire, using shards of flints. These shards are taken from the burial place of Christ and used to light a candle.

They drag the candle through the city on a massive cart, which stands of 30ft tall and is said to be over 300 years old, to the Cathedral Square. Once there, the Cardinal of Florence lights a fake dove on fire, which lights 20 minutes of nonstop fireworks.



Instead of Peter Rabbit, France actually has a Bell which can fly across multiple countries. It is said that on Silent Saturday all churches in France will stop ringing their bells in order to mourn the passing of Jesus. Which makes sense… however, children are told that the reason these bells aren’t ringing, is because these bells actually flew to Rome to see the Pope. And upon their return, they drop eggs and candy all around France for kids to find.



Denmark knows what they’re doing! They’ve managed to combine Easter with Halloween. That’s twice as much candy! Children are allowed to dress up in costumes and go door to door to get more candy.

However, there is a catch. The children have to decorate willow branches as gifts for those who give them candy and chocolate in return.



If you ever needed a reason to move to Norway this is ti. The country completely shuts down for a week. The means no school, no work, no grocery shopping, etc. You have an entire week to just relax. You can’t run errands because everything is closed. So you truly are forced to do nothing. How amazing is that?

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations In The USA

It finally springs! And the best part of spring is it’s finally spring break! With winter being nothing but a distant memory, and summer is almost close enough to taste, spring break is the perfect middle ground to go and get some much-needed rest, relaxation, adventure, and fun.

We have picked out our top 5 locations to enjoy in the USA this spring break. Check them out below.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Probably the most infamous party city for spring break in New Orleans. You can find authentic Louisiana food, amazing bluegrass, and jazz, along with some awesome events. And best of all? CHEAP BOOZE! If you are looking for the best area with music clubs and bars, head down to the French Quarter. Each street you turn down has a different vibe and something different to offer. Including the every popular above-ground graveyards.


Panama City, Daytona, and Key West, Florida

If graveyards aren’t your thing. That’s alright too, the next three locations we have for you are all in Florida. We couldn’t pick just one because if there is one thing in the world Florida knows how to do, is to throw an amazing spring break party.

Panama City is postcard perfect. With miles of beaches and perfect weather, it truly is a hot spot for spring break. There are activities, beach bars, night clubs, and events definitely worth checking out. Including a massive glow party, where everyone gets illuminating paint. If you are looking for a full-on adventure, look into getting the Panamanian Club card, as it will prepay your covers and drinks.

The other fabulous city to check out in Florida is Key West. This is one of the top choices for spring breakers due to the parties and all over happy feel that happens during this week. Including a clothing optional bar for those who are brave enough to endure.

Daytona Beach is the original Florida party spot. It is known for its miles of beaches, and hundreds of infinity pools with pool bars. So whether you want to sit on the beach or sit in the warm pool, you will be getting wet and wild in Daytona.


Las Vegas, Nevada

It wouldn’t be a top 5 destinations list if we didn’t add in Las Vegas. This town is tried and true when it comes to partying, eating, or just enjoying yourself. With 24 hour bars, casinos, restaurants, spas, shows, and nap lounges, you sure won’t be disappointed after your trip here. However, a week in Vegas could be quite intense, remember to get a lot of rest and drink lots of water.


How To Pack Everything You Need Into A Carry-On

Sometimes it hard to imagine what’s worse, airplane food, the ever-shrinking leg room, or waiting for your bags after an exhausting flight.

Well, with baggage prices being on the rise, now is the best time to jump on the carry-on trend. Just image, no extra charges, no lost luggage, and no waiting, staring at an escalator go round and round without your bag on it.

Here are a few tips to get you in the carry-on groove and start your vacation off right.


Pick Your Clothes

Think simple. If you’re headed to the beach, just remember you’ll spend most of your time in your bathing suit anyways. So there is no reason to bring 10 pants.


  • Socks: it’s always a good idea to bring a pair of socks. If you are going somewhere where the nights are colder, bring an extra pair just in case.
  • Underwear: If there is no washing machine get 1 for each day. If there is bring 4. For women pack 2 bras, one light colored and one dark.
  • Bathing Suit: Bring 2 bathing suits. There is a chance you’ll buy one on your vacation anyways.
  • Tops: Pack 4 tops. If you’re bringing dresses, pack only an amount to equal the days you will be gone.
  • Dresses: 3 dresses and 4 tops. Or 2 dresses 5 tops. Etc
  • Pajamas: One set will suffice.
  • Pants/Shorts: It’s always smart to pack a pair of pants, even when going somewhere tropical. If you know it’s going to be colder at night pack 2.
  • Shoes: Flip flops are essential, however, you should also pack a comfortable closed toed shoe for hikes, walks, and colder days.



It’s always good to start thinking about these things in advance. Make sure that about a week before you are getting ready to write down what you want to take, or even start packing those items you won’t need for the week. If you wait till the last minute you will over pack.


Tricks To Packing Your Clothes

Some people swear by the rolling method, while others swear by the folding method. Honestly, neither one is better than the other. In fact, what we have found in our travels is a combination of both. The best way we found is to roll your pants, underwear, and socks, while folding those items you want less creased, such as dresses, tops, t-shirts, and sweaters.


Try and wear all your bulkiest items on the flight, therefore you have more room in your carry -on. however, don’t fill up your bag, because you will most likely buy clothes, gifts, or tequila on the way home you will need to store in there.

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