Top 5 New Year’s Eve Destinations in California

New Year’s Eve always brings new opportunities and hope for a great year. What better way to celebrate it than in a brand new city?

Read on for the seven best cities to welcome the New Year!

New Year’s Eve is a fantastic and exciting time. The perfect opportunity to reflect on past mistakes and start things anew. While celebrating at home is always comfortable, what better way to welcome the New Year in a new city, surrounded by places you’ve never visited, and the potential for new adventures? With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best cities in the entire country to celebrate this magical time.


New York, New York.

A classic choice, and with good reason, New York City is hands-down one of the best cities in the world to kick-off a new year.Whether you’re counting down on the streets of Time Square or you’re doing it from one of the many surrounding rooftop bars, there’s no denying the celebration is unlike any other. Crowds are huge, and prices are through the roof, but the experience more than makes up for it.


New Orleans, Louisiana.

No other city parties like New Orleans, and while the Mardi Gras is the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve isn’t far behind. Head out to the historic French Quarter and listen to live bands while watching spectacular fireworks go-off over the Mississippi River, then head out to Bourbon Street and continue partying! Chances are you’ll welcome the New Year and the year’s very first sunrise with a huge smile on your face.


Orlando, Florida.

While Orlando has its own spectacular celebration, the real magic can be found in Walt Disney World. A spectacular and colorful choice for the whole family, here you’ll be able to find specially made dinners and treats, dance parties, special prices for the hotels, live music and more! By far, one of the most amazing child-friendly experiences out there!


Las Vegas, Nevada.

Party in the streets, party in the casinos, or party at the bars. In Las Vegas, you won’t be lacking in choice when it comes to fun venues to welcome the New Year. Thematic parties abound, as do special events, and it’s not uncommon to start celebrating in the comfort of your hotel, only to end up dancing and cheering with strangers in the street. Not the most family-friendly place to celebrate, but one of the best for singles!


Nashville, Tennessee.

Music lovers, this one’s for you. The Music City brings its A-game to New Year’s Eve celebrations, with spectacular firework displays, major bands, confetti cannons, and thriving nightlife scene to continue the party. Music City Midnight is one of Nashville’s biggest music festivals, and that alone makes celebrating New Year’s Eve here a fantastic experience.


Los Angeles

Though Los Angeles is too big of a city to have a singular place to celebrate, you’ll find that the abundance of bars, clubs, and clubs make for a satisfying replacement. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot by the beach where you can watch the fireworks with your family, or a luxurious night-club to rub elbows with celebrities, you can rest assured that this beautiful city has plenty to offer.



Head out to the shores of Lake Michigan and take a seat, as here you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best firework shows in the entire country. You can choose to hang-out at the shore with other people or book a dinner at a water-front restaurant or hotel, but if you really want to celebrate in style, then book a dinner cruise and watch the fireworks from the best seats in the house!