What San Diego’s Park, Shuttle, & Fly Has To Offer You.

Off-Site Parking Is More Cost Effective

The most obvious benefit to off-site parking is cost. It is so much cheaper to park, shuttle and fly. And not to mention convenient. Sadly, like so many other things in life, airports have made an art out of getting blood from a stone. They charge you extra for baggage, food, and drinks, so of course, they are going to charge you way too much for parking.

Luckily companies that are not affiliated with the airport only have to cover the costs of running a parking lot and staff, therefore, they can charge a whole lot less than the airport. Passing their savings on to you is one of the things that SD Park, Shuttle, & Fly loves to do!


While the base price of off-site parking is already affordable, at almost one-third of the cost that the airport charges. We still love to offer online deals, promotions and rewards programs for our loyal customers. If you know you are going to need parking in the near future, don’t be afraid to seek out some good deals.

Reserve Your Spot

How amazing is it to get to pick where you want to park. The security of not only knowing you will have parking but also being able to reserve a spot in the lot is the best part of using off-site parking. No more being subjected to the luck of the draw. No more spending half an hour circling the parking garage hoping to find a spot within reasonable walking destination of the terminal. Park, Shuttle & Fly parking options offer shuttle service to and from the airport so that you won’t have to worry about how close your car is parked to the airport. Plus, when you do return, a driver will take you right to your car!

Receive Personal Assistance

Don’t know where your terminal is? Need help getting an in the right direction? Well no longer do you have to hunt down a grumpy toll booth operator who never really seems to happy to have to get out and help you get to where you’re going. This is where we are different. We are family run and operated, and will treat you as such! Our goal is to make your flying experience just a little bit easier. Right from the get-go, you will have an attendant helping you. Our drivers will ask you what airline you are using and will then drop you off at the proper terminal and if you have heavy luggage, they will even give you a hand getting it off the shuttle. This kind of service is unheard of in most parking structures, but at SD Park, Shuttle & Fly, this kind of service can be expected.

Security For Your Car

Leaving your car for an extended period of time can be risky. Sadly, a massive airport, no amount of lighting and guarding can completely ensure you won’t be robbed. So instead of hiding every valuable item and hoping no one will think twice about your car, leave your car with us. We will park your car in our full-service, and full-monitored lot. Your car will receive all the protection and attention while you travel.