Why Having Your Vehicle with Us Is The Best Choice.

No airport or safety official would ever admit to it but there is a risk with leaving your car in the airport parking lot. There is always that possibility that you will return to a vandalized car, an inoperable car, or even possibly no car. While you may think there are safeties in the mass numbers of the San Diego Airport, it is always those things hiding in plain sight that get away with more.

This is why you should consider San Diego’s Park, Shuttle & Fly. You can rest assured because you will be in great hands. They will ensure that your vehicle is parked in a safe place and that you get to your terminal in a timely fashion. How amazing is that! And not to mention, you can expect a Park, Shuttle & Fly staff member to be on location 24 hours a day to ensure safety and prompt shuttle service to and from your airline terminal.

Just check out some of these services they have, including the 24-24-24-24.

What is the 24-24-24-24 you ask?

24 Hour Access – 24 Hour Service – 24 Hour Attendance – 24 Hour Surveillance

There is 24-hour lot access. Which is amazing, because flights definitely do not only land in the 9am to 5pm range. How often have you landed at an importune time? This is why the 24 access is the best thing out there.

Alongside the access, there is also someone physically at the lot, and someone ready to pick you up and drop you off at your convenience, any time of the day. Whether it’s bright and early in the morning, or at an awful hour during the night.

And lastly, there is 24-hour surveillance, which includes cameras, lights, and security guards. There is no need to worry or stress. Your car is safer here than at your own home.

And the best bonus:

Shaded parking areas for FREE.

You read that right! Free shade. We all know the California sun can get pretty hot. So any chance to snag a shady spot for free is a chance worth taking. On top of parking being ⅓ of the cost than that in the airport, they just keep giving by offering supreme parking spots for free.

All this is not even the reason why San Diego’s Park, Shuttle, And Fly is the best choice. The reason they are #1 in the industry is that it is family owned and operated. In fact, they are the only family owned and operated airport parking. This is so important because they understand that you love and need your vehicle. Therefore, they will treat it as own. Being family guarantees that you will be taken care of.

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